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24Hsafe technology Co., ltd was found on 2005, and since then,has been dedicated to the pursuit of convenience and control for home and business surveillance systems base on internet, wirless signal, and phone. We set out to providereliable security. In 2005 we were the first company to launch an entire security solution. 24Hsafe proven technology platform enables consumers to monitor everything that happens in their homes or businesses, they can keep track of activity on entry doors, windows, liquor and medicine cabinets, safes, drawers, and more. Unlike traditional security systems, 24Hsafe services work wirelessly through asecure GSM network to maintain a dedicated connection that will continue to work for 24+ hours after a power failure. 24Hsafe also offers video Monitoring ,home automation, , and Crash & Smash Protection that let consumers enjoy anytime, anywhere access to their property.

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Company: 24hsafe technology Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Ada Long
Address: Houhai building 2C202 Room,Nanshan District
Postcode: 518000
Tel: 86 755 26493378
Fax: 86 755 26834419
Homepage: http://www.24hsafe.com

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